What does a home health aide do?

Home health agencies deliver a variety of medical and non-medical skilled services. The plan of care usually includes custodial services to help the patient remain in the home. This may include a home health aide for an hour or two a day to help with bathing, dressing and transferring. If there is time remaining, other personal services may be offered as well. A typical day for a home health aide can vary greatly depending on the type of care-recipient and condition being treated. Home health aides may help with personal care, companionship, home management and educational services. Home health aides provide personal care for patients who need assistance for a variety of reasons including illness, advanced age, disability, or cognitive impairment. These providers respresent a rapidly growing trend to allow people needing help with long term care to remain in their home or in the community instead of going to a hospital, assisted living or care facility.